Data Driven Marketing for Automotive Retailers

We know who’s shopping for Cars, SUVs, Trucks and Aftermarket Services right now. We can drive them to your dealership and service center today!

Vehicle Sales

We know who’s shopping for a vehicle right now. We can bring them to your dealership through our Automotive Axcelarator Program.

AFtermarket sales

We know who’s shopping for your automotive services¬† and parts right now. We can bring them to your retail service center.

What We Do

Axcelarator provides clients with a pinpoint multi-channel marketing solution in the automotive retail space. We take the guesswork out of who to target in your market and if they are shopping for your vehicles & services.

Database With Over 200 million US Consumers

We have partnered with a third party consumer data provider that allows us to create targeted lists of consumers who are planning to purchase certain retail products within the next 90 days, Also known as a “In-Market Buyer”.

Strategic List of Consumer Buyers

We create customized consumer lists based on buyer behavior, demofraphics, geographic location, and likliehood to purchase our client’s products within the next 90 days.

Customized Marketing Program

We work with our clients to develop a promotional plan that will be used to attract these serious buyers to their retail or online location. We use direct mail, email, Facebook/Instagram and Internet display advertising.

Analytics & Measurement Tracking

We track all phone calls, website visits and form completions from our marketing program to provide detailed reporting on the performance of our campaigns on a monthly basis.

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