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 Axcelarator is the brain child of Marketing Veteran Jason Healey,   Owner of one of the leading digital marketing agencies in the   US,  J2H Digital. Jason has over 20 years of sales & marketing   experience and his love for auto dealerships is in his blood. His   Grandfather, Howard, worked in the car dealership industry in   Waterbury, CT for over 70 years. He worked at local dealerships up until he was 95 years old.  Jason has  always looked up to his grandfather and appreciates the subtle nobility of your local car dealership. Car dealerships are always the first to sponsor a community event or get involved in a community project. The local car dealership provides the heartbeat of cities and towns throughout the United States.

Jason left the world of technology & software marketing to work with automotive dealerships who are faced with OEMs placing massive pressure on them while offering razor slim margins on new vehicle sales. We believe the status quo of marketing options for dealers is not good enough for the average local dealer and they need a competitive advantage.  A marketing strategy that the big boys use at the fraction of the cost. That’s why Jason developed the Axcelarator Marketing Program for automotive dealers.

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