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We know who’s shopping for a new vehicle right now. And we can bring them to your dealership with our Axcelarator Marketing Program.

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Automotive Retail Dealers are in one of the most competitive marketing environments in the United States. With shrinking profit margins on new vehicle sales and increased pressure from OEMs to move vehicles off the lot, retail dealers are fighting to stay profitable.

On top of this stress, shoppers are doing most of their vehicle research online and deciding what Make, Model and sometimes Trim, they plan to buy before ever stepping foot in a retail dealership.

But how does a dealer get that ready-to-buy shopper to visit their store and give their sales team a chance to close them?

There’s two ways: 1) Spend an enormous amount of money on advertising that may or may not be picked up by co-op. 2) Be strategic, spend your ad budget wisely with co-op friendly programs that only geo-target consumers who are ready-to-buy a vehicle in the next 90 days.

Our Automotive Axcelarator Marketing Program uses third party VIN data to laser focus on ready-to-buy vehicle shoppers in a dealer’s targeted geographic location.

How The Program Works

Starts with Our Partner 3rd Party VIN Data Platform

We have partnered with the Industry Leading VIN Database Provider with over 215+ million consumers and 188 million VINs with linkage at the household and garage level. VIN data is available for all 50 states, including privacy states.

Target Ready-to-Buy Shoppers Customized For Your Dealership

We work with our clients to identify and target consumers who are In-Market and intending to buy a vehicle within 90 days.  We provide our clients the names along Make, Model & Year of their vehicles to match visitors to the showroom.

Marketing Strategy That Drives Ready-to-Buy Consumers to your Showroom

We work with our clients to determine the branding, messaging and offers to entice ready-to-buy shoppers to choose their dealership to visit versus the competition. Our program consists of an omnichannel approcah as we offer email, postal, social and digital advertising solutions.

Weekly Analytics On The Performance Of Your Program

We measure everything in our Axcelerator Program. We use website analytics to show our clients weekly traffic and who’s filling out forms from the digital campaigns. 

Monthly Reports on ROI

Our clients are our partners. We share our Ready-To-Buy Consumer lists with our clients from the beginning as the goal is to close more deals. We have a monthly recap meeting after each month to look at leads, where they came from, wins & loses along with strategy for the following month.

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